Hello, Welcome to the Gregside website! I hope you had a smooth surf on your way to this spot. Not to be confused, my name is Jerry, and I made Gregside (and named it in honor of my friend Greg who previously owned the house and built the skateboard bowl on the side of the garage).

What makes this place unique?
the location
the interior design
the skateboard bowl
the owner


the Location
The 2,040 sq foot house is located near old town Arvada. The house is within 1 mile of the light rail and a plethora of restraunts, shops and parks. It takes about 5 min to drive to I-70, where downtown Denver is 15 minutes to the east, and the rocky mountains are 15 minutes to the west.


the Interior Design
The inside is unlike any other place you have stayed. The 3 queens and 1 bunk bed in seperate rooms are custom and surrounded by the same simple, sturdy unique design in other furniture and fixtures. Using unlikly crafts; table tops, lamps and photos make a pleasant, light atmosphere with generally raw materials. The common spaces are very open, allowing people to feel more connected. This space upstairs has sun tunnels which bring a lot of natural light to a room full of natural materials like wooden floors, steel furniture frames and concrete table tops. All the art is themed around Arvada, from skateboarding spots to local artist. Everything custom and art related is available for purchase.


the Skateboard Bowl
The bowl was mostly built by a crew of Team Pain skatepark builders and the Arvada Army, whom combined to build a lot of local spots back in the day. It is considered tight, fast and challenging by almost everyone who skates it. It has been in the pages of Thrasher magazine and featured in countless videos by locals, as well as traveling professionals. It's not very large, but fun for skaters of all ages.

Arvada is the best skateboarding suburb in the world and this property is a part of it. We have 4 public parks between .25 and 4 miles from the house built by worldwide skatepark builders-Team Pain. The town is also littered with classic skate spots that hide in the backyards of deserving residents. Surrounding Arvada, in any direction, are countless free skateparks, without fences, built with pride by passionate skateboarders. This area has become a mecca for skateboarders, and this house is pretty much in the perfect spot to check out SkateColorado.


About the Owner
This house is an accumulation of a lot of things for me. 40 years of being a skateboarder, 2 design degrees, countless friends, tons of traveling and a passion for unique experiences set the tone for Gregside. Everyone who helped me with this project besides the drywallers, were skateboarders. I live in Arvada because of skateboarding; dreaming of a unique skateboard spot I could share. This is how skateboarding ended up at the root of my Airbnb.

Ií've designed this place trying to make it just right for a group of travelers. I hope it is a unique experience for you, whether you are into skateboarding or not.
Enjoy your stay in Arvada!


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