the area

Arvada is a hot spot for skateboarding, here's some of our local parks.

Big Arvada located at the Apex Rec Center

Arvada snake run
view from the top of the 13 foot deep snake run

Arvada brownie bowl
the builders were Team Pain and they get to name the obstacles. this is the brownie bowl.

Arvada street zone
the potatoe chip and more of the huge street course

Arvada hanger replica
this is the hanger replica. its design is based on one of Team Pains first jobs, building an indoor wooden bowl in Charleston South Carolina in the early 1990s. Now it sits in honor of Dave Tuck, who rode the original hanger and helped build this one in his hometown.

Piggy Park located next to the police station at Memorial park

piggy park coping
most skaters love this park. its small but limitless with fun lines over simple features

piggy park
the fourth and last park Team Pain built in Arvada. the guys threw the plans out and made something they would love to skate a lot since they lived nearby.

Tripple Nipple located at Rainbow Ridge playground

piggy park coping
usually a very mellow vibe at this spread out park with small features.

piggy park
but if you want to get some challenge, there is this epic pool pocket to play on.

10 Push located at Wolf Park

10 push bowl
you can get to this bowl in 10 pushes from Gregside

10 push quarter
the bowl empties into this 2 piece zone


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