Welcome to Jerry's showroom, where I made almost everything in the house, furniture-wise. I am willing to sell anything or make a custom piece based on what I already designed and built. I can make you a fractal burn on a custom piece of wood, embed a photo image on a desk top, or weld you a rugged frame for a bed. Below are some items you will find throughout the house. Follow the respective link to learn more about each product.

The kitchen table has a large fractal burn embedded in the surface and 6 custom chairs to surround the piece.

The platform beds all have different style head and toe boards.

The large sofa was custom made to fit effciently into the living room.

The TV stand suspends the viewing screen in the air and has wheels for optimal viewing position.

My anarchy benches have a simple side profile and wild tinted burn on top.

The desks in the bedrooms are embedded with photo images using modge podge.

The patio furniture was inspired by Stella Artois.

The stairs by the bowl are made from recycled Stella Artois bottles, inspired by Earthships.

The pendant and bed lamps utilize raw fiberglass to provide shade and wonder.

Curtain rod supports, mirror, cabinet handles, skateboard hanger and more..


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