art gallery

All the wall art is made by local artists in the skateboard community. I have a talented bunch of friends and want to support them and promote their work. The projects I've displayed here all pretty much have one thing in common- Arvada. All the skateboard photos on these walls were shot in Arvada and for sale.

Here are some details of what's hanging around:


Chris Sessions massive black and white of previous home owner, Greg Kelley. Greg is getting weightless in one of our states greatest natural wonders. Since I can't tell you where this is, it might as well be Arvada.


Coburn Huff's shed perspective of Zach Cusano kicking it at Gregside. Zach, a dangler out of Denver, is planting his foot in a ridiculous spot on the garage wall.


Phil Mckenzie's shot of Jack Wastell in the chip. Jack lived so close to the park growing up, his dad made him bring Team Pain beer when they were building big Arvada. karma.


Anthony Acosta's triples shot of Rowan Zorilla, Curren Caples and John Fitzgerald. Some shoe crew came through for their big video and shot some stuff. This is at the recycler, another project of Jerry's.


Kevin Furlong's drawing for all things Tuck. The Arvada Army, Beer Boys, Love hearts and sick skateboarding.


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